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January 19, 2015

Morning Rituals Matter

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first  you do? Do you moan and groan about what you have to face in the coming hours? Do you play your favorite song to motivate movement? How do world leaders, business masters or top  executives get up in the morning? Is there something that they are doing that sets them up for success? Many of them have morning routines, which include getting up early and setting the right tone for the day. We are going to discuss one of our favorite morning routines and it's called the Miracle Morning. It was invented by motivational speaker and author Hal Elrod. His morning routine is called Life S.A.V.E.R.S. Each letter stands for a different part of the morning ritual. We are going to spell it all out for you.


S. Stands for SILENCE. 

This could look like meditation, prayer or breathing. Either do one, a combination or them all.  I like to sit with my legs crossed, spine straight and in an upright position. I begin to breath slowly. When my mind chatter starts I do not engage and instead let those thoughts have their space and soon they pass. The longer I sit the more time is allotted for the mind chatter to have it's moment. When there is no chatter left I find myself in this space of great peace and contentment.

Check out this article that talks about the top CEO's who meditate.


Step A. Write down what you really want for your life. You could focus on different categories (lifestyle, relationships, business).

Step B. Write down why you want these things? What will you get once you have achieved it?

Step C. What's preventing you from getting it?

Step D. What am I committed to everyday so that I become the person that I want to be.

Hal is not into the "I AM" statements as if you already there. Instead say, I am committed to doing __Step D_____ to achieve ___Step A____. 

V. Stands for VISUALIZE

Hal says that often our goals and dreams are cloaked in fear. When you visualize your outcome or dreams  happening it goes from being a thought to a real visual. We have to see the end results. What do you need to do today in order to make your dreams come to life? Visualize yourself taking that action today and enjoying the work.

E. Stands for EXERCISE

When we do our exercise in the morning we increase our mental, physical and emotional clarity. You don't have to get fancy. I like to put on a song and dance. I usually am laughing and smiling by the end of this one. Try to break a sweat.

R. Stands for READ

This is the space for you to have your mental workout. Read something that inspires you. There is so much information out there and the wisdom could help you achieve your goals. Hal encourages people to read books that are focused on self-development or help to inspire your growth.

S. Stands for SCRIBE/WRITE

You can write out your goals, desires, your commitments or whatever feels right for you. This is the place to gain clarity and to be creative in your day.

* Try doing each letter for 1 minute and every day increase your time. This is a space for you to get in touch with yourself and set yourself up for incredible success. Try it out and we hope that it changes your life for the better!

* Another thing to consider is to create your own routine or try just doing one of the letters. This is a starting point for you to find out what works best for you.

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