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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Stem Cell Beauty Innovations is that beauty should be natural,
so we source the finest, organic ingredients on the planet
to serve as the foundation for our products.

Natural. Scientific. Effective.

We partner with laboratories dedicated to preserving and healing beautiful skin, creating a perfect union of nature and science.

We believe that a powerful relationship between science and nature has uncovered how we can best prevent and treat illness, bolster energy, and improve general health and wellbeing. Nature-based science has shown us to turn to our natural surroundings to find the source of healthy living and discover our true vitality.
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Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, luxury,
anti-aging skin products that rejuvenate skin from the inside out, and restore a natural glow.

We are committed to quality: our products are all-natural and organic, created with our promise of extreme care for nature, and the best results for our customer.”

Our Commitment To You

Our Commitment at Stem Cell Beauty Innovations is to introduce all-natural anti-aging products derived from the purest ingredients.

Each product is carefully created with the discerning customer in mind and contains fine ingredients such as:
  • Organic protein-rich stem cells*
  • Vegan plant-based stem cells
  • Super-hydrating ingredients designed to enrich and beautify skin, in a healthy way
  • No dyes, perfumes or chemicals
All our Organic protein-rich stem cell formulations also include anti-oxidants and super-enriched ingredients such as chamomile, grape seed, aloe vera, kiwi seed oil, and lavender from New Zealand, a nation dedicated to organic, non-GMO farming.
Truly natural formulae that deliver truly outstanding results.

How We Came To Be...

In 2009, SCBI Founder, Robin Gray, experienced first-hand the healing and anti-aging powers of stem cells as part of a healthy regime.

Robin noticed that, within weeks of using stem cells, her skin felt more hydrated, and her hair and nails were thicker and growing faster. This source of natural healing needed to be introduced to the world. With a clear mission to share her rejuvenating experience with others, Robin set to work and created a complete line of skin-nourishing products using protein-rich stem cells.

Said Robin, “My goal is to change the science of skincare to become more natural, so we can have a partnership between science and nature. I want to create the best products to heal the skin and make it look more radiant.” And so SCBI was born.
J.LO’S Fave Signature Placenta Facial is a world-famous anti-aging treatment. As the clinic’s site describes it ,”a protein-rich serum of placenta stem cell.
Racked LA / Jennifer Lopez
jennifer lopez
*All protein-rich stem cells used in our products are harvested with no harm to the environment. SCBI is dedicated to the careful preservation of nature and all creatures.

Glow with it...

and let your natural glow shine out.

Be an SCBI Beauty

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