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SCBI On The Red Carpet

SCBI’s Vegan Stem Cell Face Mask made a red carpet debut of its own last awards season, showing up in the attendee gift bags at the Golden Globe and Oscar awards.

Our favorite before-and-after-party beauty-booster, we knew this product would be a big hit. So, just for fun, we asked celebrities like Lady Gaga and Bella Hadid to send us a picture of them using it.

What Our Fans Are Saying...

  • “The latest development in skin care is using stem cells to produce new proteins designed to make the skin more radiant.”
    - Harold Lancer, M.D., F.A.A.D., Beverly Hills, CA
  • “The Stem Cell Gold Serum has left my skin brighter, hydrated, and I am sure it increased healing time after my photo facial to remove sun damage. My pores are smaller and I am now addicted.”
    - Debi Mazar / Actress “Entourage” @stemcellbeauty
  • J.LO’S fave signature facial is a world-famous anti-aging treatment - a protein-rich serum of stem cells and other natural ingredients.
    - Racked LA / Jennifer Lopez
  • “My patients are thrilled with the results they’re seeing with these new innovative stem cell products from SCBI. Their skin is definitely more hydrated, smoother and radiant.”
    - Vanessa, Skin Care Professional, Dr. Groth, Beverly Hills, CA
  • “It’s incredible, after using all the stem cell products for 3 weeks my skin looks so good. I’m addicted.”
    - Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief, Coco Eco Magazine
  • Hi!! It's Zoey! The vegan serum is incredible. And I'm wearing a stem cell mask as I type on a plane. Heavenly. Thanks again. All the best!! Xx
    - Zoey Deutch
Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz

Stem Cell Moisturizer
“It’s wild how much this helped my skin … It makes you radiant.”
Stem Cell Moisturizer500 1
Zoey Deutch
“The vegan serum is incredible. And I'm wearing a stem cell mask as I type on a plane. Heavenly.”
Vegan Stem Cell Face Mask
A list Beauty Secrets on E

A-list Beauty Secrets on E!

Vegan Stem Cells
“Dr Lancer has worked with all the biggest names in Hollywood and knows the inside beauty secrets”
Vegan Kit Face Mask and Stem Cell Serum
"I was recently reading about the Stem Cell Beauty Innovations products in the November 2016 issue of In Style magazine. I was looking for a new product line to use, because I didn't like how my skin was looking. After reading more about the Stem Cell Line, I decided to try it and I am so happy I did.

I have been using the Stem Cell Serum and Stem Cell Moisturizer daily, and have seen a major improvement in the appearance and texture of my skin. I love the way it looks and feels. It is soft, smooth and doesn't feel greasy on my skin, like other products I have used in the past. I have finally found a product line that offers the benefits I am looking for, and it responds well to my sensitive skin. Most important, friends have noticed a difference and compliment me on how good my skin looks. I highly recommend trying the Stem Cell Beauty Innovations products. You won't be disappointed."

D.Y., New Jersey, NY

Featured Products

bAnda photo1
“I suffered from frequent skin break-outs so I tried the SCBI High Performance Kit – and it cleared up in 2 weeks. I’m an actress so flawless skin is a must. I’m hooked.”

K.F., Los Angeles, CA
High Performance Kit200x165
bAnda photo2
“I had large pores and redness, and couldn’t find relief until my dermatologist recommended SCBI’s Stem Cell Daily Gold Serum. My skin is more hydrated and smooth. I love the product.”

M.R., Miami, FL
Stem Cell Daily Gold Serum1oz200x165
BeforeAfter 7 Days
“I struggled with unsightly hormonal acne for several years and had tried everything – or so I thought. A friend gave me some SCBI Gold Serum to try and I couldn’t believe the results. I saw an improvement within a couple of days, and my acne was gone within a week. I want everyone to know about this product!”

A.P., Toronto, Canada
Healing Kit

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