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Q: How do ovine stem cells interact with human cells?


A: The availability of amino acids, enzymes, microelements and a number of unique biologically active substances in placenta preparation, particularly of protein-regulators, provide placenta extracts that activate “dormant” stem cells.
This leads to their multiplication of the cell content in the aging human organism and to rejuvenation. This explains the special role of placenta preparation in cosmetology and our rejuvenation remedy from a natural origin. When applied externally they will enable the anti aging process.


Q: Do we have receptors in our cellular structure to absorb placenta cells?


A: Yes, live biomaterial is the new approach to face appearance correction. This new focus of research is leading to the collection of live placenta processing. Placenta cells rejuvenate organisms and have pronounced cosmetic effects due to triggering its own program of epidermis and derma regeneration. Results observed so far have long-term result of “non-surgical” face lifting and skin rejuvenation.


Q: Where do the ovine placenta stem cells come from?


A: The ovine placenta stem cells are ethically harvested from sheep raised on farms in New Zealand. They are collected post- birth, so there is absolutely no harm to the animals. Our line of all- natural stem cell beauty products is manufactured in FDA Registered labs in New Zealand. Our products are Certified and Licensed by the New Zealand Government as well as world bodies. GMP adheres to the strictest quality control processes and regulations set by the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries (MAF), Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA); and the New Zealand Food and Safety Authority (NZSFA).


Q: How effective is ovine placenta and the other all-natural ingredients in SCBI products?


A: Clinical studies are under way and initial results show remarkable improvement in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing the appearance of age spots and helping to reduce the inflammation associated with rosacea.


Q: Why is ovine placenta used in the products?


A: Ovine placenta is rich in nutrients and proteins, which help promote cell growth, immune function, cellular hydration and oxygen transfer. It’s no wonder placenta products are accredited with so many beneficial properties. These properties have made our line of Stem Cell Beauty products the focus of attention among skin care professionals around the globe.



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