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mariasearth Maria Quiban
@stemcellbeauty Robin, so far so good! loving my SCBI gold serum. Face feels plumpy & looks brighter too. Mari aQuiban loved her stem cell gold facial at Mario De Sio in Beverly Hills
18 Sep

Tweet by Ryan SeacrestRT @IMAKESTARS: Scbi creator robin gray and her stem cell gold serum featuring O placenta is loved by stars like Jennifer lopez, _Ryan Seacrest loves thestemcellgold facial
dlvr.it • 9/14/11 11:10 PM

Stem cell supplements transformed me within days, they should be renamed the miracle pill for so many reasons.

Martine Battle ( Actress)

Christina Hepburn, actress, testimonial "I loved the stem cell gold facial. It made my skin feel soft ,supple, and was the most effective treatment. I loved the treatment!

I am 20 years old and started using the gold serum to heal my acne. I love the product and it really works!

Susan Blakley, actress 'I definitely see a difference right away with the GOLD stem cell facial from Stemcellgold. Vanessa at Dr. Hutcherson's office mad my skin look flawless and camera ready.

Maria Quiban, Good Day LA host, "My face feels plump after The Stem Cell Gold Facial with SCBI ." www.stemcellgold.com

The stem cell gold facial from Vanessa was amazing, I am ready for the up close pictures!!

Alice Amter, Big Bang Theory, after the GOLD stem cell facial I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and excited to start using the Gold serum from SCBI www.stemcellgold.com

The Gold stem cell facial ,feels wonderful refreshing, incredible, rejuvenating. I feel like I look camera ready Wes Ramsey STAR OF THE NEW PLAYBOY SHOW


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