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“It's incredible, after using all the Stem Cell Products for 3 weeks my skin looks so good. I’m addicted!”

johnny-weir“I love this new SCBI skin care regime. I feel like I'm already 10 years younger! Thanks Fred Segal at Santa Monica.”

debi-mazar“The Stem Cell Gold Serum has left my skin brighter, hydrated, and I am sure it increased healing time after my photo facial to remove sun damage! My pores are smaller and I am now addicted!”

Stem Cell Beauty Innovations Moisturizer“My patients are thrilled with the results they're seeing with these new innovative stem cell products from SCBI. Their skin is definitely more hydrated, smoother and radiant.”


"This treatment is absolutely worth it!"

victoria-beckham"Victoria Beckham is a devotee of Dr Lancer’s products and is someone who always wants the latest and best in anti-aging treatment. She has had the stem cell facial several times already. She visits the office every two weeks when she is in town."

jennifer-lopezJ.LO'S Fave Signature Placenta Facial is a world-famous anti-aging treatment. As the clinic's site describes it ,"a protein-rich serum of placenta stem cell.

kim-kardashian"Super hydrating and nourishing" is how skincare expert Louise Deschamps describes the sheep placenta facial — one of the signature treatments offered at Dr. Harold Lancer's famed dermatology practice in Beverly Hills. "It's a favorite for the female celebrities for that perfectly plump skin and pre-event glow. For guys, it’s a go-to treatment because it leaves them looking fresh and refreshed."

High-Performance-Kit“The latest newest development in skin care is using Sheep Stem Cells, amniotic cells to produce new proteins and signaling proteins designed to make the skin more radiant!”


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