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October 21, 2013

Pump up your skin with Hyaluronic acid, in our signature Gold Serum.


As a kid we get used to the infamous cheek squeeze. But what about when we become adults? Not so much. Could it be that we lose our suppleness and we just don't want to point it out? What if there was a way to keep the suppleness of our skin intact even as we age? Well, one of the key players in this department is Hyaluronic acid, "a non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout the body in the connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. Hyaluronic acid attracts and holds water, which is what plumps your skin so that wrinkles and lines are less visible”.[1] As we get older we do not produce as much hyaluronic acid and that is when you start to see the residual effects on your skin (i.e. wrinkles).

Many of today’s leading skin products include hyaluronic acid in their ingredient list and “unlike collagen, Hyaluronic Acid is able to penetrate the skin’s upper layers to improve and benefit the skin when applied topically. Hyaluronic acid is a major component of skin, where it benefits tissue repair and protection. When applied in an HA for cream or serum, hyaluronic acid forms an air permeable layer and penetrates into the dermis, thus boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin”.[2] There is a reason why this has been so popular in the market because it’s incredibly effective and HA exists in so many of our skin cells. Not saying that we WANT to have our cheeks pinched as adults, but if they went for that skin now at least there would be something nice to grab.

photo credit http://www.im-fabulous.com/assets/images/hyaluronic-acid-1.jpg


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