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April 4, 2015

Cleansing for Spring


Cleansing is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. Most people assume that cleansing means that you go all day without food and you just barely get by on these colorful yet unfulfilling juices made from fruits and veggies. Well, after trying that, we at Stem Cell Beauty realized that there is more than one way to cleanse. One of our favorite food bloggers leads an online community cleanse at the beginning of every season. She is a chef and health coach who used to only lead juice cleanse but now sees that we can cleanse using food as well. This makes for an easier transition for those of us who are not ready to let go of our beloved food but would like to make some upgraded choices (like coffee to tea) or would like to give our digestions a break (going from processed foods to whole foods). This cleanse is delicious and realistic. We will be posting some pictures and insights from our cleanse so that we may inspire you to make some better choices for yourself.

This Weekend we are Focusing On:

1.) Make time for ourselves

2.) Start to make upgraded choices (from acidic to alkaline foods)

3.) Simplify our lives

4.) Go outside and spend time in nature

5.)  Eat warming foods


Have a great weekend everyone and stay tuned!

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