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August 14, 2015


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  • 1 - 10 oz bag (2 1/2 cups) Frozen Organic Strawberries
  • 2 Cups Organic Coconut Milk (1 cup frozen into ice cubes & 1 cup reserved when blending)
  • 1 teaspoon Omica Organics Stevia or sweetener of choice (sweeten to taste)
  • 4 Tablespoons Bulletproof®  Upgraded™Collagen Powder or
  • Vegan Protein SunWarrior Warrior Blend Vanilla
  • 1 Tablespoon Bulletproof®  Brain Octane™ Oil (optional)
  • 2 teaspoons Jing Herbs Pearl Powder (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon Organic Rose Water (optional)
  • 1 Tablespoon Arnox Advantage (Anova Health brand) (optional)
  • Fresh Organic Strawberries (optional garnish)

Gear Up:

  • Blender, 1 cup measure, 1 tablespoon measure, 1 teaspoon measure

Sling It Up:

  • Pour 1 cup coconut milk into your ice cube trays and freeze, reserve the second cup for blending the ingredients.
  • Once frozen, place the coconut milk cubes into your blender.  (If you don't have a VitaMix, Blendtec or Ninja high speed blender, simply blend the recipe in two even portions or whatever sized portions your blender will handle).
  • Add the frozen organic strawberries to the blender.
  • Add the sweetener into the reserved cup of coconut milk and pour it into the blender.

Jing it Up:

  • Add Protein Powder of Choice and Optional Superfoods.
  • Blend on high, stopping and scraping down the sides if needed until it is blended smoothly into a “gelato” consistency. If using a non-high speed blender, and the consistency ends up more like a smoothie, put it in the freezer (in a freezer safe container) for 1-3 hours to firm up.
  • Enjoy and share with someone you love, especially if dairy and sugar are not in their diet.... they are gonna flip!
  • Garnish with fresh strawberries if you have them on hand.


Strawberries are not only delicious, they are an excellent chelator of the heavy metal mercury. Strawberries are, however one of www.ewg.org’s “Dirty Dozen,” meaning they are one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed fruits/vegetables, so you always need to buy them organic!

Coconut Milk contains healthy fats like lauric acid, which converts in the body into monolaurin, a powerful ally of your immune system and protector against opportunistic organisms.

Collagen and Proteins in general promote and support tissue repair of all forms, not just the muscles, and especially the beauty elements of the skin and hair.

Brain Octane Oil is concentrated caprylic acid.  These medium chain fatty acids are the building blocks for the ketones that fuel your brain.  They provide the chemistry that runs the body more efficiently from hormone production, to mental focus, metabolism and fat burning.

Pearl Powder is a top Chinese Tonic Herb for beauty and luster of the skin, but it is also a supreme Shen herb, helping to keep you mentally calm in the stresses of daily life. Part of its magic is that it increases “SOD,” superoxide dismutase, one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants.

Plants in the Rose family produce many seemingly different types of foods that you are familiar with, including almonds, peaches and strawberries. Rose petals are not only a symbol for love, in herbalism they are actually a well-known heart tonic. Like Pearl, Rose helps to calm your mind, and keep you open-hearted.

Arnox Advantage is a blend of food concentrates and amino acids that nourish the endothelium, the inner lining of the blood vessels, and which boost nitric oxide levels. The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three pharmacologists in 1998 for their research with nitric oxide. It is considered the most important compound for cardiovascular health because it is the signaling molecule that is responsible for vasodilation. Viagra works by increasing a nitric oxide pathway!

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